Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dare to Think Beyond just Google, Gmail, Facebook, Youtube and Wikipedia

The internet is the best thing that human beings have invented (at least until 8 pm tonight). But still, millions of internet users all over the world do not visit more than 5 websites on an average day. (Those being google, gmail, facebook/orkut, youtube and rarely wikipedia too). Considering the fact that there is probably more than 182,226,259 sites out there, this is a pretty small number though certainly not negligible, because most people get whatever they need from those few sites.
If you are someone who love to break out of the pack and venture into the internet, here's what to do.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Golden Rule in Social Life

The best thing about being a kid is that you can be frank in your opinions, blurt anything out to anyone and live a carefree life. But the moment you break out of the childhood shell, you gather a lot of cobwebs.
Then you can no longer talk like you talked when you were a kid. You will have to consider and reconsider every word before you let it out. You will have to think twice before you talk.

And since I learned it the hard way, I believe I'm experienced enough to share that golden rule of social life and communication.

And that most unwelcome, most painful, most disgusting rule of life which everyone should remember before even thinking about talking is... [with bated breath]

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Monday, September 14, 2009

It is not about your age, it is about your inclination

Fun and Fun Only sent me a thought provoking mail yesterday.

3 stupid stages of life
We have 3 stupid stages of life………..
Teen age: Have Time + Energy …but No Money
Working Age: Have Money + Energy …but No Time
Old age: Have Time + Money …but no Energy

This is an accurate description of the lives of the billions of people who took birth on this earth and left it without disturbing a leaf. They pass their childhood thinking about things they would do when they grow up. And when they grow up they have their jobs and family to take care of and they even forget what their dreams were. And after they have grown old, they remember their childhood dreams but they declare themselves unfit to pursue them and retire to a solitary life waiting death.

While we could be just doing it (like Nike says), we waste time finding excuses for why we can't be doing it. Is there nothing on this earth that a kid can do without money? Can't time be bought and used if you have money and energy? Does the fact that you are weak prove a handicap?

It is all about whether you want to do it or not? Whether you can do it or not is not a meaningful question, because you can do anything, but only if you will.

So, some practical ways to make things happen, at all ages.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Glimpse Into What's Been Keeping Me Busy

This post comes after a really long break (almost 17 days. That's huge!). And during these days blogger rolled out many new features, Onam was celebrated by Malayalis all over the world, and Federer reached the semi-final of US Open. Still I couldn't make any post. Why?
I had decided that I wouldn't post until

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