Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why Hazare's demands are hazardous

Corruption - sucks.
Lokpal - great idea.
Making Lokpal equivalent to monarchy - insanely stupid in the long run.

What we see at major cities is not support for the idea that Prime Minister and judiciary should be brought under Lokpal (for the agitated people don't even know what they are agitated about)
What we see is the stupid mistake every kid learning politics in 9th standard makes - comparing an ideal monarchy with a practical democracy.

Yes, the Lokpal should be formed. But no, it should not be made omnipotent. Because that would be going backwards in history. From democracy to anarchy.

The Lokpal will shake the constitution. So it should be brought in slowly so that the constitution doesn't lose balance and topple over. And you can't afford to postpone eating till the end, no matter how large your tummy is.

Tail piece : People are guillible, especially college kids who hate going to college. But to pursuade those people to vote in favour requires intelligence, which the politicians have. And that's why they think before they leap.

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