Monday, January 2, 2012

2011: The Year of Conversions

"2011 is the only year I studied both in a school and a college." ~SMS forward

January - Started studying seriously for entrance examinations. Carefree to careful.
February - Turned 18. Minor to major.
March - 12th standard board exam is over. End of English as a subject.
June - All exams done. Time to commit to one very big life decision - college.
July - Enjoy, wait eagerly for college.
August - Join MBBS, marvel at the size of textbooks. +Start the challenge of living without a computer for an year.
September - Make friends.
October - Sleep.
November - Loose sleep studying for internal exams.
December - Rejoice at the failure. Learn from it. And start afresh. This time, it's a happy new year!


I have some serious ideas about studying medicine subjects, especially anatomy. It'd be worth another post after I finish the experiments.

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