Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Heights, New Directions

It's often good to be resolute even if it doesn't last in you for more than a few days, because you end up doing something rather than waste your potential.

I've made a few impossible resolutions which will let me have fun for the next week at least.

I'll be getting a mountain bike from Schwinn or Giant tomorrow. That'd be in line with a resolution I made last year.

And I'm gonna be blogging a bit more frequently thanks to my resolution to quit fapping which was more or less a daily practice.

And then I need to think of some project to be done for ICMR STS.

Then in the self improvement sector, I should break out of my addiction to routine. (If anything irregular happens, I get disorganized badly)

Should learn English. It so happens that since I'm an Indian, a lot of words would have wrong pronunciations associated with them, in my little brain. And I've decided to look up the dictionary wherever a doubt arises.

And I recently noticed that Ubuntu is indeed an African word meaning "humanity to all" and that the operating system was named after the concept.

Still making up resolutions. Are you?

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