Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Probably Didn't Know Of

I found out some shortcuts recently which I didn't know of.

  • Ctrl + Tab will switch through the tabs in a tabbed window like that of Firefox
  • Alt + Enter will open up the properties of a file or folder when it is selected (while enter opens it)
  • F2 can rename an item
  • Win Key (start) + Tab will cycle through items on the taskbar, without opening them (then, pressing Enter will open them)
While dragging an item for copying or moving
  • Ctrl while dragging a file will cause it to be copied
  • Shift while dragging a file will cause it to be moved
  • Alt while dragging a file will cause a shortcut to be placed in the destination folder
While exploring in windows explorer
  • Left and Right Arrows will collapse and expand folders (so will + and - in the number pad)
  • * (in the number pad) will expand all folders below the current selection
  • F6 will switch panes
While viewing folders (like in My Computer
  • Backspace will let you go to the upper level folder
  • Alt + Right or Left Arrow will go forward or backward
While editing text
  • Ctrl + Backspace will erase a whole word.
  • Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow will go one word left or right
  • Ctrl + Home or End will go to the first or last position
  • Shift + Any movement selects text. (Shift + Ctrl + Home will select from first to the point where you are, Shift + Home will select the line up to where you are, like wise)
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  1. oyww i seriously could use them.. thank u thank u.. :) I was wondering how my brother did that taskbar thing.. he always kept it a secret... u told me.. yay

  2. It can be unfortunate there are individuals not searching over this website. Best wishes


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