Monday, October 13, 2008

Aren't we naturally immune to HIV?

Our immune system can ward off almost all the diseases that catch human beings. But what about HIV? Why can't we keep off it too? Are the yogis immune to HIV?
All of these questions bring us to one answer - "We were immune to HIV." There is an enzyme called APOBEC - 3G that can fight HIV by stopping the virus from replication. But why are millions dying?
Because HI Virus has improved itself. It has evolved so as to have a code which produces the protein Vif called "virulence factor". This Vif attaches with APOBEC -3G so that the focus of our enzyme is lost and at the very same moment, HIV gets inside. The watch dog is done with, there is nothing to fear.
But research has begun to find whether or not we can benefit from this body mechanism.
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