Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why we do what we do

There was nothing...

Then, there was a point...
It was infinitely heavy.

It started expanding...
Matter started to get its physical laws.

Dust particles condensed.
Condensed dust particles joined.
Joined condensed dust particles grouped.
Galaxies were formed.

Galaxies meant lot of stars.
Lot of stars meant lot more celestial bodies other than the glowing bodies.
It meant lot of planets.
Lot of planets meant different planets.
Different planets meant different conditions.
Different conditions meant different environments.

And there was one galaxy called Milky Way.
There was one star called Sun.
There was one planet called Earth.
It had a different environment.

There was a spontaneous creation of Organic molecules.

There was changes in the environment.
There was an urge in the Organic molecules to live - (THE SECRET OF LIFE)
There was adaptation.
There was evolution...

Because it was at a distance not too far and not too near to sun - the temperature was optimum for liquid water;
Because its size was not too large, and therefore gravity was not so large to make water solid;
Because its size was not too small, its atmosphere was not too thin, so water could not be dried;

Because there were large amounts of oxygen present in the seas as compounds that gradually gased out;

Life could exist...

Evolution continued...
Organisms became complex.

And in the last type of organisms, there was man.
He was a fool.
He learned hunting.
He learned cooking.
He learned making tools.
He learned agriculture.
He found out wheels.
He found out steam.
He found out uranium...
He explored...
He implored...

He made divisions.
He made countries.
He made laws.
He broke them.
He waged wars.
He killed.
He gave birth (or She?)
He lived...

He found out why for 12 hours he could see everything, but for another 12 hours he couldn't without electricity.
He found out why paper burnt...

He found out how to talk.
He found out how to talk with people metres away.
He found out how to talk with people kilometres away.
He found out how to talk with people countries away.
He found out how to talk with people planets away...

He found out why he was like his father and mother.

He found out that he wanted to find out everything.
He found out that he wanted to survive.
But he couldn't find why.
He couldn't find why he thought what he thought.
He couldn't find why he did what he did.

He can never find it.
Because it is the SECRET OF LIFE.
It is a secret of the nature.
And nature stores secret with an encryption no hacker can hack.

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