Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wiki Sisters - the unfamiliar ones

All of us know well about wikipedia. But how many of us actually know its sisters, and its parent?
Wikipedia was developed by Wiki Media Foundation and it has many projects under it other than the very popular wikipedia. Let me list each of them with a small description.

  • Wiktionary : multilingual free content dictionary in every language
  • Wikiquote : quotations taken from famous people, books, speeches, films or any intellectually interesting materials. Proverbs, mnemonics or slogans are also included in Wikiquote
  • Wikibooks : collection of free e-book resources, including textbooks, language courses, manuals, and annotated public domain books
  • Wikisource : collection of texts that could be distributed as free and open content
  • Wikispecies : species database for taxonomy
  • Wikinews : news on a wide variety of subjects
  • Wikiversity : learning materials and learning communities, as well as research
  • Wikimedia Commons : repository for free photographs, diagrams, maps, videos, animations, music, sounds, spoken texts, and other free media

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