Friday, December 12, 2008

Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage

This is my 100th post. And I've got nothing else as honourable to introduce to you as this website called It is the official website of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage. Now you will ask "What is special about this site other than that it is a website of an institute?" But the special thing is that itself. This website is the website of the Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage. The Institute specializes in the study of Indian Scientific Heritage. And when you come to know more about Indian Scientific Heritage, you will understand why I put this as my 100th post.

Ancient Indians had a whole lot of knowledge. They knew that planets revolved around sun (and not earth). They knew that pi was an irrational number whose approximate value could be given by [62000+{(100+4)*8}]/20000 = 62832/20000. They recorded all these things in the books written then. But these books turned out to be hard-to-break ciphers for the later generations. That is why much of these knowledge got unused during the older years of mother India.

Today an institue is fighting for the revival of ancient Indian knowledge to its full glory. It is working hard to make people aware of the excellent culture we had. And what more, it is providing pdf ebook english translations of many books including Vedic Management, Baudhayana Sulbasutra, Bhagavathgeetha, Bharatheeya Vijnana / Saastra Dhara, Value Based Life and Value Based Education, Aryabhateeya, and Kena Upanishad. All these are available for download if you have registered for a free account.

Also there are weekly messages about Indian culture that is available as email alert. IISH news section contains - Sanathana News, Bharath Heritage News, Dharma Sandesham, Gurudeva Sandesam /Dasami Messages, IISH Messages, and Modern India and Indians.

So why wait? go to iish

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