Saturday, December 6, 2008

K-Meleon light great mozilla based browser

My search for the lightest browser that can compat all the problems of my system's memory shortcomings continues. My latest discovery is the K-Meleon browser with which I am blogging right now. It is just too fast. I don't know whether it crashes or has any other problems. But it is a lot more stable than other browsers with orkut and blogger. And it is lightning quick too. That is what attracted me. It is the RAM less man's Mozilla Firefox. It has got great stability. But it is very very quick. I can't describe my feelings in words. I am running media player and it is still dazzling fast. I keep on repeating praising its speed because it is really that fast.
So why wait?
Go to K-Meleon's home page here
To download it directly, go here

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