Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nation remembers Mahatma Gandhi on Martyrs Day

This is the post i made in APJ Abdul Kalam's Fan club in the thread

Nation remembers Mahatma Gandhi on Martyrs Day

Down in Kerala, we don't have anyone with much hatred towards Gandhi. But everyone tells that his ideas are highly improbable, at least now.

But, in whatever way i followed him, his path made me successful.

All my classmates has their own nicknames, names which they don't wish to be called. But I don't have any. Those who name others have tried to name me too. But as Gandhi told, I just don't react. Let them tell anything. Now, I have no name except Akshay.

I have seen many children of my age making tit for tat. But Gandhiji told to be patient. And whenever someone provokes me even physically, I just don't care. And that has given me an absolutely calm life. I don't remember fighting with anyone for the last 2 years (i'm in 10th standard, now)

Gandhiji also taught me the value of truth.
The fact with truth is that, if you tell only the truth, you will never have to repent. Even if you are being blamed, you need not be thinking, "i shouldn't have said that, because you've told the truth only"
This has helped me quite a very big lot in keeping the cool in many situations.

Gandhiji taught me brahmacharya. When my exams drew nearer and I used to be sitting in front of tv set, his two chapters in MEWT got me away from the tv to text books. And i am getting more than average marks.

In real life, I have been comfortable with any person. I don't know if anyone in my school hates me.

But it has given me setbacks too. My classmates, who are not used to His ideas sees me as a weird persons. They think that telling the truth is inappropriate. And they don't add me to friends list. But I have nice friends who understand Gandhiji and me.

Gandhiji has really influenced my life. My life is an experiment of his theories. And i believe his theories have been right till now.

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