Friday, February 6, 2009

Google Docs OR How to create PDF files easily and without using any softwares

Most of the PDF creators or readers now available are at least greater than 5 MB in size. So, if you are a slow internet user or are unable to download those softwares or use them you could be int trouble. But that's where the mighty google comes for your help.

Heard of Google docs?

You think it is just an online virtual drive where you can store your files? Absolutely not.
Google doc is like MS office in the web. It helps you to do virtually anything - creating, editing, saving, storing and downloading documents.

All you need is a google account, some know-how about documents like presentations, PDF, etc. and an internet connection (even that is not required nowadays with offline functionality).

So, how to create PDF files?

Create a new document using the buttons. Type it. Make it what you want it to be. Then from file, select download it as PDF. That's the way. And you have much more things to do.
Let me first learn them.

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