Friday, February 27, 2009

Noticed your Followers Gadget is Slightly Different? And mine too?

Blogger has updated its followers gadget to include the Google FriendConnect feature too, so that everybody with a gmail, yahoo or aim open id can now follow the blogs.

It's just very simple, earlier you could follow only if you had a blog for yourself. But now, you can follow with just an open ID that almost all of us are having (or that can be created easily)

And also, now we can invite friends to read a blog, which was earlier difficult (I used to email all my contacts about my blogger post, and once, I even mailed Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, unknowingly to his email because he was in my contacts list.

The best thing about this change is that, now you can extend your friendfeed account to your blogspot blog, which was earlier almost impossible for beginners due to the necessity of uploading two files to the website.

Now if you want to read more from the authority follow this link: Blogger Buzz: Friend Connect: Grow Your Blog's Community

Or if you just want to check out how it works move the mouse towards your right.

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