Saturday, February 7, 2009

TIme dilation confusing

In a science forum, when somebody asked

"hey guys im tryin to explain to my older brother
that time is relative to the observer... he's kinda stubborn and I
can't get through to him. He says it's not logical. I told him about
the 2 atomic clocks and the jet and how time was deifferent on them
afterwards but he said i must not know the full story... anyone here
have an idea of how i can prove this? thanks

Someone answered

"The answer is that from both moving object's
view, the other object is moving, cause the universe wouldn't know
which one is really moving. So in real life both object ends up in
different realities: both will experience that the other object is
younger, and you will never see your real brother again. I'm sorry that
is the way it is.

You will never hear from me again. I will be someone else. The wine
you bought is not the one you drink, the pizza you order is not the one
you eat, the person who gave birth to you is not your current mom.

They are all in alternate universes.

There are universes caused by that the universe could not choose
one way to begin, nor continue since the beginning could be said to
continue, cause there were different possibilities of how it would
begin and continue. Were should every particle be positioned? What says
it should be so?

And if there was no beginning, the question would still be: how
should the particles in the continuence be positioned with what

And there is this relativistic effect of your movement which make
you in your own universe, seperated from those and that you learned to
love, but with others that replace them.

But it doesn't matter, it is something you must learn to live with."

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