Friday, March 27, 2009

7 Things to do During the Holidays

If wisely used the summer vacation can be the most productive time of an year. But it is equally possible and easy to be wasted.
Here are some things you must do this summer:

  1. Read: The right time to read is when you have time, and now, you have only it. Do not waste a day. Collect as many books as you can, on different topics and start reading straight away. The variety of topics will make sure that you don't get bored. Download some e-books if you don't have many hardbacks in your shelf. (Here are some sites that offer these). Even blogs will do. But take care of language when you read too many blogs.

  2. Exercise: The most desirable, yet least acquired habit on earth is exercising. And one of the reasons why you don't start is that you are running too late for school. But come holidays, there is no late-going.

  3. Wake up: If you are going to exercise, you should wake up early too. Sleep early. Wake up early. Do some breathing. Meditation. Then when the sun rises, get out. Go jogging or walking if you are too aged for the other. Warm down. Play badminton with your father or brother.

  4. Blogging: If you haven't already started, start a blog. If you are already into it, find a new design for your blog, or organize the posts into categories.

  5. Learn something new: Guitar, violin, keyboard, chess, cards, cooking, driving, ...

  6. Socialize: Go get a membership in your nearest library. Even if you don't read books, you can talk. And of course you will get many new friends. Or join some service groups. Send mails to your old friends. Keep in touch.

  7. Follow my blog (and others' too): It's a small thing. Just a few clicks and you are following somebody's blog. But for them, that is a huge incentive. Don't think you will be bombarded with posts. I am following at least 134 blogs. Still there are only about 5-10 posts coming per day.

Do tell how many of these you are going to do

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