Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making the Best Out of Poverty

There are a lot of poor in India. Instead of seeing them as liabilities, can't we possibly convert them into potential reserves?


This may seem a little bit absurd. But consider:

Kids among the needy are kids like us.
They are also born with the same intellectual capabilities as we are.
They can learn things as fast as we do.

Let us provide them with free education, under one condition, that when they grow up they will work for us. Free education of high quality may be costly.
But, if we take that risk and sow those seeds. In the future we may end up with a bunch of highly talented and ready to work professionals. They can be put under jobs that require skill.

To sum up, my idea is that the poor becomes a liability only when they are unskilled because unskilled labour is cheap, and difficult to obtain. But when they become skilled they are more valuable than assets. The only problem is that there is a slight risk.

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