Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thanks to Mallya, Gandhi Lives in India

The personal belongings of Mahatma Gandhi was bought by Vijay Mallya for $ 1.8 million (1 800 000 U.S. dollars = 93.0232558 million Indian rupees) from James Otis after bidding over the phone.

James Otis had said to the Indian government that he would give the properties free of cost to Indians, if the government decide to allocate more resources for eradication of poverty than for the development of warfare.

Seems like the intentions of the man was very good. For, after seeing Slumdog Millionaire he would've understood the anatomy of the pocket and stomach of Indians in the long forgotten corners of India. But, as there was no constitutional provision for agreeing on a resource allocation change with a foreign blood, our government could do nothing to make James Otis return those priceless possessions free and unscathed.

That's where the auctions come. The question whether Gandhi would've accepted a bar tender save himself is meaningless. For, if Gandhiji was living now, we would be seeing him ally with drunken men to fight the corruption and negative growth that governments are alternately providing us with. Selling our liver is much less worse than selling our consciousness.

But on what basis is UPA claiming everything that worthy self-raised Indians do, as their achievements? When Rahman and Pookkutty won Academy Awards, they said that they were providing them with the environment. (Of enough atrocities so that these men are touched in their hearts about the well being of their neighbours and this pain makes them create pieces like broken hearts do?)

While Vijay Mallya said he had not been approached by anyone in the Indian government in the matter, Indian Tourism and Culture Minister Ambika Soni took credit for the bid and said in New Delhi: "The UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government has successfully bought the personal items gifted by Mahatma Gandhi to a person during his lifetime. (Source: The New Indian Express)

So what is this government aiming for. The copyright of everything that we produce? It seems natural to them that everything that is made in India is born by their governing. If a tree bears a fruit, they say the government has brought water, air, and soil. That's why.

One day an ox will bear and UPA will be searching for a rope to tie the calf.

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