Friday, May 22, 2009

Why are we, we?

Human beings exist. And unlike all other organisms, he thinks, not just of himself but also of the world around and also of the world inside him. And this self-enquiry is what takes us to this fundamental question. Why do we exist? And the answer, the answer I don't know.

But let us think of evolution. If Darwin is right, human beings evolved out of the common ancestor between him and apes, and this species in turn evolved from another less complex species. And it all simplifies to reach the simplest organisms. So, it all started with a single cell of life. But does it end with human beings? In other words, are human beings the pinnacle of evolution? Biologists agree that human beings are nothing but another variety in the pool. They might be much more intelligent, but they are just another species.

So, my first big question is, "Are we authorized to question?" And the answer is simple, "We can, we must"

"But just because we are able to question, does it mean that we will be able to find the answers?" "It's just a matter of belief"

If you believe in the idea that somebody created this universe, and we all, and it is he who decided what we do next and what the next letter I'm going to type, then you are completely free to search for your soul's ultimate aim and live or die for it.

But this is a risk that many find unwilling to take, including me. Because, they believe that they are here by accident and there's no point in trying to understand why this accident happened. And this is what I call the theory of accident.

By this largely humanistic theory, I mean that we are here by something that we don't know, and that we needn't know. We know we are here, then why don't we just be here? Why don't we live happily knowing that we are here and there's nothing that we can do to undo our existence or nothing that we can do by knowing how we came into existence. Why don't we live here being a lot helpful to other beings? Why don't we live here as if no one ever wanted us to do anything? Why can't we just ignore this meaningless question and start living the life that we happen to be into?

But it is when we start living such that this question again pops up. Why are we here? Are we here to just live and die like a prisoner in jail? Or are we here to do something else?

And when we try to answer this, we find that even if we are here to do something great, what is greater than helping others and living happily? What promise does knowing your life's aim give you rather than infinite bliss? Does any spiritual theories promise you anything other than infinite bless and an escape route from all your miseries? If we can get this all by not doing what these theories tell us, then why should we?

To sum up, I believe that we just need to live and live happily, because that's all that you can do

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