Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beat That Voice Inside You Which Tells You - "You Can't"

Will Smith says in an interview how running and reading become the keys to life.

Well, it is a video worth watch.

Now, I've got something to add on to this part of his interview. On why running he said the following:

When you get on the treadmill you deprive yourself of oxygen. What kind of person you are will come out very, very quickly. You’re either the type of person who will say you’re going to run three miles or you stop the treadmill at 2.94 and you hit it and you call 2.94 3 miles, or you get off after a mile, or you’re the type of person that runs hard through the finish line and when you get to 3.0 you realize, ‘God, I could really do 5,’ and you go ahead and do two more. And that little person talks to you and says, 'Man, do you feel our knee? We should stop. I feel we should stop ourselves right now. This is not healthy anymore.’ When you learn to get command over that person on that treadmill, you learn to get command over that person in your life.

And this is something really true. There IS a voice which talks to you always. And it talks to you more, when you are doing something long and grueling (like the 24 question mathematics assignment which I just finished doing).
The moment we start talking with that voice, our day is ruined, we are not going to finish what we started. We're going to be stranded halfway through. We know we mustn't have, yet we can't resist it. That is the power of this voice.

It is a wonder. You are doing something you should be doing, and suddenly out of thin air you get thousands of reasons why you shouldn't be doing that thing. And you know what, sometimes it is not the bad things that are luring you from doing something you need to, but the good things.Yes. For, whenever I think of completing my assignments, I feel like putting a post in my blog, or exercising the whole body, or solving a sudoku puzzle, or reading the newspaper, just not doing my assignment!

And how do we escape?

Avoid the voice.
Ignore the voice.
Accept whatever the voice says to be true, but tell it that you really have to do this thing right now.
Just concentrate on what you're doing. Don't give a chance for that voice to be heard.
Just forget about answering whether you could be doing something better.
Just Live in the Task.

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