Saturday, August 22, 2009

God As The Cosmic Consciousness

 The reason why there are a lot of atheists in the world is that nobody could provide people with a rational definition of God.
Some people praised God as the great soul who created and controls the universe. And others knew this couldn't happen.
Some defined God as the beat of one's heart or the thoughts of one mind. And others knew that such a thing wouldn't possess any powers that a useful God would have.

But, though unheard by a vast majority, there are excellent definitions of God and everything hidden inside many of our ancient text books like the upanishads. Only some people, lucky to have both access to Sanksrit and access to those literary gems, or lucky to have a great guru, happened to know the actual and rational definition of God, as proposed in the upanishads.

This definition, I have been reading again and again from Swami Vivekananda and Swami Paramahamsa Yogananda. It is not just rational, it absolutely gives today's theists a hope and at the same time do not hurt atheists in any way too.

So let us begin.

When we go on dividing atoms we get subatomic particles. But though we can't, as physicists, divide anymore, there is an even finer particle inside every atom. Let us call this fine particles.
So the whole universe is made up of these fine particles. (A lot like string theory)

Now, these particles can be controlled by human mind. Our mind can produce certain sensation / vibration / energy / wave or anything which can control the arrangement of these fine particles. Just like in nanotechnology we rearrange particles and get new things, when these fine particles are rearranged we can create things from thin air, etc... (yeah, you said it, miracles)

But not everybody's mind can do it. Only a properly trained, well-experienced mind can do that. (So, you just can't go about and do it)

(read this chapter from An Autobiography of a Yogi for more details. I know it is slightly different from what i just told. But i just fine tuned the theory to make it more rational. So, this is how miracles work.)

And God? God is superconsciousness. Just like you are conscious of yourself, there is a larger consciousness which is the sum total of every one's consciousness. (Compare it to the world wide web, no one is the core, everyone is a part and yet as a whole it is a marvel). So, everyone's consciousness is interconnected and this extreme collaboration of consciousnesses is called superconsciousness. Ordinary people (untrained, inexperienced people) can not experience this superconsciousness (like if you don't have the password you can't enter the database). But those who meditate daily and do other things that helps in improving the ability of mind (these are the things that is taught in yoga) they can access this superconsciousness as they wish.
(Read this from Swami Vivekananda's complete works)
And they can manipulate others thoughts, rearrange fine particles, heal diseases, materialise at another half of the world, and so on.

Such a God is scientific, enviable and believable.

I know it's a lot like a fairy tale.
But when you do get time feed from these two online resources

They will surely give you a lifetime worth ideas. (By the way, my next plan is to hack the password of the superconsciousness)

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Nipun said...

but as like tim berners lee created WWW,there must be some one who created the God or "superconsciousness"-some one who added all our consciousness and made something(according to theists-GOD) out of it.
if u get the password ,inform me too.

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