Sunday, August 9, 2009

How to Make Sure That You Blog Daily or Regularly

So, you've set up a blog. And you've had some nice posts, and a decent amount of followers. Everything is going nice except for one thing. Once in a while you forget about blogging. You are so immersed in twitter or facebook or orkut that you forget to check out new comments in your blog.
You know you love to blog, but you forget to love. How do we start loving our blogs again, daily?

The solution to this is setting up your browser or PC to help you blog easily. When you need to go to your blogger dashboard to create a new post, that is an extra step and you're most probably not going to do that every time.

So, let me introduce some tips that can make blogging easy for you.

  • Add the blogger gadget to your igoogle page, (and make it your home page). This simple gadget allows easy posting from your home page itself, and that too to any of your multiple blogs.

  • If you have an offline home page like me, add a link to the new post page of your blog.

  • If you're using MS Office 2007, use the create blog post feature in it.

  • Use which allows you to post to your blog (and/or even twitter, facebook...) using your chat client. Actually is a tool that allows you to update your account in multiple websites like facebook and twitter simultaneously from a central hub. And when the chat feature is set up you can even send the status update to it as a chat blurb. But using @bl command you can use it to update only your blog. I use it to write my daily diary in my private blog.

  • Set up e-mail posting in your blog, using the mail to post feature.

  • Add the blogger posting gadget to your gmail account. This is done by enabling adding gadgets by URL in labs, and then giving the URL in the special tab that comes up in gmail settings.

  • Try scheduled posts. Go to blogger in draft, create a new post, just before clicking publish, change the post date and time in post options to scheduled at and give a future date and time. Now publish the post. Sit back and relax for your holidays. This is particularly useful if you're the kind of a person who gets a lot of ideas on one day and gets nothing worth publishing on another day. Schedule as much posts as you can for the future when you feel like. Then just relax for a few days until you get fresh ideas. But for the readers, you will be publishing daily.

That's it from my side. What other ways do you have to make blogging a piece of cake?

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