Saturday, August 8, 2009

Life Actually is "Trying to Perfect the World Around"

Wherever you live, whatever you are, you're never living in a perfect world. One or the other, there will be defects in the system of which you are a part of.

If you're a doctor think of uninspired staff, inadequate facilities...
If you're a teacher think of lazy children, poor environment...
If you're a student think of crazy teachers, small school, small playground...
If you're working in an office think of office politics, gossips...
If you're a politician think of dirty colleagues, baseless allegations...

Yeah, in whichever field I choose, I can find imperfections, because after all, the world can never be perfect.

So, how do we define life in this imperfect world. Life is nothing but constantly trying to perfect the world around us.
Try and fail. Try and win. Try and half win, half lose. But try. Try to change your world, and you will gradually learn the art of living happily and peacefully.


You are going to perfect the system. You can't do it alone. So you ask for help. You organize. You team up with people. You get to know about their feelings. You understand the way others think. You may get enemies, but more importantly you will get friends (and if you don't get any, there is something wrong with you or your asking). Convince people to be a part of your team.

And when you have a team ready?
Start the revolution. Change the ways. The old ways were made by your predecessors, as THEY like. You are a different generation, a different group. Your thoughts and emotions and world have changed. And the ways too need to change. You needn't change yourself to suit the old ways, you can change the ways to suit the new you.

So, you and your team change the world around you. And you strive for perfection. Constantly you do so. Until at last you will call it a day one day. And on that day you will know that you LIVED your life.

"There is nothing in this world that a small group of inspired men cannot do"

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