Monday, September 14, 2009

It is not about your age, it is about your inclination

Fun and Fun Only sent me a thought provoking mail yesterday.

3 stupid stages of life
We have 3 stupid stages of life………..
Teen age: Have Time + Energy …but No Money
Working Age: Have Money + Energy …but No Time
Old age: Have Time + Money …but no Energy

This is an accurate description of the lives of the billions of people who took birth on this earth and left it without disturbing a leaf. They pass their childhood thinking about things they would do when they grow up. And when they grow up they have their jobs and family to take care of and they even forget what their dreams were. And after they have grown old, they remember their childhood dreams but they declare themselves unfit to pursue them and retire to a solitary life waiting death.

While we could be just doing it (like Nike says), we waste time finding excuses for why we can't be doing it. Is there nothing on this earth that a kid can do without money? Can't time be bought and used if you have money and energy? Does the fact that you are weak prove a handicap?

It is all about whether you want to do it or not? Whether you can do it or not is not a meaningful question, because you can do anything, but only if you will.

So, some practical ways to make things happen, at all ages.

If you are a kid:
You know how to dream. You like to do things.
But you don't know where or how or what to do?
This is where organisations come to your help.
You can sign up for NCC, JCI, Scouting, etc. in your city.
You can be a help for the librarian in the public library (and he will probably let you know about things that is happening)
You can join the activities of organisations for elders like Rotary club or Lion's club, (and inspire adults)
You can form a group with your friends as members and collect money and donate it.

Whatever you do there is one big advantage of being a kid. People don't expect you to do these things, so when they see you do these, they will shower their blessings and cooperate seamlessly.

If you are working:
You've got a job. You've got a family to take care of. You've got just one holiday per week which you would rather spend relaxing. Where the hell do you have time?
But think carefully. The childhood lasts only for about 25 years and of it 10 years you're in absolute bliss.
If you're lucky you may live up to 80 years but your body will last only for about 65 years, i.e. 10 years after retirement.
Your working age is the widest phase in your life. When you think week by week you might be having little or no time. But think of it as a whole. It's the best part of your life. Where seconds can be hours.
Why don't you take leave for a week and do some social service? You might need to meet the same organisations I mentioned before.
Why don't you donate to somebody.
Sponsor a child's education, an athlete, someone's eye surgery.
Donate blood.

If your vision has started blurring
If you are old and if you do nothing, you will end up neglected in your home as if you were the dull picture hanging on the wall. If there's something that can bring value to your existence it is only activity. Do something.
Learn to use computer.
SMS your grandson.
Help your son in share market.
Go for a morning walk with your walking stick.
Teach children whatever you know. Share your experience.
And why not write a book?

The mind :
Decide whether you want to do it. You probably would want to.
Then think of yourself, in your death bed. Or after your death. How would you like people to remember you? Would you have them love you because you were a human or would you have them love and adore you because you were an extra-ordinary human?
Do you want to live the ordinary life or the extra-ordinary.
It's easy to be ordinary. But at the same time it is not going to do anything for you.

But when you are unlike others, when you are a kid who does what none of your friends dares to, when you are an officer who does what none of your colleagues never think of, when you are an old man with more energy and enthusiasm than anyone else, then you will really shine, and your light will last for ever.

Do what no one else has done

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