Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Imagining Nothing

What if there was nothing?
No me, no you, no blogs, no people, no life, no planets, no stars, no universe, no nothing.
It is beyond imagination. Imagine nothing. (What? Imagine OK but nothing? How do I imagine nothing?) Of course you can imagine the lifeless planets. But you will have to remove them from the frame too. And then you will have to remove the frame from the frame. There is nothing. And there is no one to know that there is nothing.
You can try to imagine because you exist. But what if you never existed? What if no one ever existed? Who would witness the universe? And what if even the universe never existed? There is nothing to witness and there is no one to witness. But what is that? Nothing? What is nothing?

Quite incomprehensible? Thinking about nothing is an excellent way to pass time. But the real fun is after it. Once you think about nothing, everything you think about later in life will start seeming "nothing" to you.
The whole universe would have been meaningless unless someone ever existed to witness it. And you? You are one of those who have been privileged to witness the universe. You are the meaning of this universe.
Everything that happens between these privileged people is meaningless compared to how meaningless it would be if there was no one to witness this universe.
The fact that you exist is the most important thing. There is nothing more important than it. No problem, no war, no question, no answer, nothing is even equally important.

You are here. And nothing else matters.

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deeps said...

great .. nothingness is next to impossible ... but not for human minds!

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