Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What if the PM directly orders the District Collectors? (and technology assists them)

I just found a solution for corrupt politics. If I can get one great Prime Minister, I have made a plan to rescue India. Consider:
There are only around 600 districts in India. Assuming that all of them have one and only district collector we will have around 600 district collectors. All of them are highly educated, highly qualified IAS officers and therefore most probably sincere to their professions too. A district is quite a manageable area for a single person to administer efficiently. So, District Collectors can efficiently look after their respective districts. But what they lack is sometimes the power to make laws and sometimes the support of a minister concerned with what he's trying to do (that is what we mean by a corrupted government)
Now assume that we have one great Prime Minister. And around 50 % good collectors (i.e. 300 of them). Let all others be corrupted. All the ministers, all other executives. We just need 301 people on our side.

The PM after being elected conducts a grand conference. On day 1 he talks to district collectors from one state, about the problems the state is facing and about what they can do. He asks them about the hurdles they are facing in nation development. He lends them complete support for anything that they are undertaking (provided all the collectors from that state agree). He promises to help them out of any complications that are being imposed on them by state ministers or other central ministers. He gives them high class security.
And he gives them an email id and a phone number. Any collector can at any moment contact him directly and talk to him and ask his permission and if needed ask his help in dealing with a troublesome minister or such.

This is done with every other state. And within a month every collector in the country is connected to the Prime Minister. And the collectors can do reforms that were previously impossible due to interventions by others.

What I mean is virtually a parallel government. But this one is legal.
Instead of the Members of Parliament (We do have MPs, but they are not acting in between the PM and Collectors), we have District Collectors. It is not true democracy, but it seems like it is better than democracy as it is in India now. The PM acts directly through the Collectors. So there is no time lag. There is no efficiency drain. Corrupt politicians are no more a problem.

One great Prime Minister and India will never be the same again.

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Nipun said...

its better akshay,but,with power comes corruption.if all the powers comes to district collectors,they'll bcom corrupt.power and money drives man mad.but still i believe that we'll be able to create a better system.think positive na?

Nipun said...

and about the PM,in the current situation,only a leader of a political party can bcom the PM.and eventhough he's not corrupt,he will have to act according to the party.no party will allow such a system.and collectors wont know what people's needs are.the ruler must be with the people.education alone can't make a person corrupt free and dedicated.for india to change,first of all the people must change.

Hari said...

These much trust on bureaucrats? In irrepressible conditions they are far worst than politicians. In heart, most of them are the prophets of antediluvian bureaucratic supremacy, because civil service system is one among the relics of colonial governance. Collectors are not representatives of people and never accountable and answerable directly to commons.
Democracy is not that much a failed system.
One PM cannot govern this country directly through remote robots…… What is in your mind is a federal system as in case of USA, but that too is not as crude as you think. :) thinking is always good no matter what it is

Hari said...

A district collector is not much bigger than a glorified clerk.

Akshay S Dinesh said...

"but,with power comes corruption."
if all the powers comes to
I'm talking about PM controlling collectors
he will have to act according to the party
what if he's the head of the party? (e.g. rahul gandhi, or prakash karat or lk advani)
education alone can't make a person corrupt free and dedicated.
but education almost always does
and collectors wont know what people's needs are
what about our current MPs?

Collectors are not representatives of people and never accountable and answerable directly to commons.
I meant the PM to be the boss (accountable and answerable to people) and collectors to be his workers (accountable and answerable to PM)
indirect responsibility.

(cheating people is easy, but cheating one intelligent PM will not be that easy)

Unknown said...

That was much like that of Utopian ideas of mine ........well this mainly looks like in the film '4 the people' were they have e mails and complaints......well pm , collector its all old things and ...."traditions" invent something new
let me remind u 2 quotes :
1)"necessity is the mother of invention"

2)old people live on traditions and young people live on dreams

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