Thursday, November 26, 2009

26/11 and The Colour of Life

The true colour of life can only be appreciated when we get out of the frame and just stay as a witness.
This, I understood when I was flipping through all the channels in my television, tonight on 26/11.

Let me first of all salute all those heroes who died. I wish I have a death like theirs.
It requires a lot of courage to know that you are going to die and still stand up to a terrorist. I wish to include all of them by name. But doing that would mean they have become our history. They haven't. They are the martyrs of our reality. They are very much alive in our discussions today.

All the channels have been airing special bulletins on 26/11 today. With a tinge of sorrow everyone reported about the deaths. And then they showed how life has came back. In NDTV, they had showed the gunshots, the burning Taj, the press lying on the floor, the firemen trying to curb the fire. And then they showed the today of the Taj Hotel. Pigeons flying. Men feeding them. Tourists taking snaps. And a small child crawling on its knees through the pigeons, happiness on her face. It was beautiful. And that is what I wish to call the Colour of Life.

Life is so very beautiful because it is multi-centred. There is no absolute one thing that everybody wish to do. There is variety. There is diversity. There is colour.

Just go to a city in the night. You will feel that. There will be lights everywhere. Blue, yellow, neon, sodium. There will be the fruit seller with his orange, blue, black, yellow, red. There will be the flower seller. There will be the stationary shop. There will be the rice shop. There will be restaurants, cafes. There will be the mobile coupon centres, Xeroxing stations, the cycle shop, bars, the hardware shop. There will be the hospital. And not to mention the vehicles on the road - cars, buses, rickshaws, motor cycles. And there would be the trees on the sides which we simply fail to notice in the dark, but when we reach near them we feel an eerie sense of fear of the ghost hiding above it.

Or just flip the channels of your television set.
There will be mourning prayers for the dead at some place. Debates about the same at some other place. And then there will be that cricket star who took 5+ wickets in his come back match. And then discussion on how he performed. Then there will be the unexpected 0-1 loss of a soccer club. And their manager's explanation. There will be prime time movies. There will be soaps. And there will be reality shows. And there will be fashion shows. And there will be a lonely preacher talking about religion. Then there will be some ads. (These ads are the most contrasting colours. They will be so funny sometimes. Like after the interview with the NSG chief about how they finished the terrorists there was the docomo ad where a car hits another and the man who was driving the first car get down to see what happened, suddenly police surround them from all directions, and this man would be holding his hands up "Hands up". But the police men catch some terrorists from the other car, gives a pat on his back and leaves).

And there will be people. There will be a fisherman who talks in impure Hindi about how he saw the terrorists getting down from the rubber dingy they used to travel. And there will be a debate where different experts tell their own views about how the world should work. One foreigner telling India should unite with Pakistan. And an angry Indian saying how Pakistan hurt the "people of India", and how they want nothing but a war. And the anchor who does not let emotion come into the debate, but still pours in questions which can be answered only through emotions. There will be sports stars, analysts, super sexy models, actors (including actresses), yoga masters, commentators, extras, junior artists, real artists, judges, showmen, and the animal planet man who goes after the largest otters. And there will be another debate, where a victim describes very emotionally about how he was terrified as well as all others when they heard gun shots, and how the hotel authorities helped them to escape, and how they comforted each other, and how the NSGs gave them cover and took them to safety under the local police. And then about how there was some report which joked at the victims who suffered. How the government was doing nothing. How Ajmal Kasab has more security than any other man in Mumbai. And he asks the minister P Chidambaram "What have you done?"
And the minister says calmly "If you were I what would you have done. That's the answer to that question." (This is when I came to understand that all our politicians are not fools running after power)

And there is this whole sense of joy, sorrow, humour, love, trust, respect, motivation, failure, desperation, solitude, business, confidence, seduction, success, hope, affection, envy, hatred, warmth,...This is called the colour of life. The way things go on. The way people come and go. The way topics come and go. But life goes on, for ever and ever.

Just get out of the painting called life and view it as a whole. It's so colourful. When we are inside it, seeing only our neighbouring pixel, we can't see the true colour of life.

Let life go on...

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Memento - The Simplest Desktop Notes Application

You ask this:

I want an application that can be used to attach sticky notes or to do lists or just some notes on my desktop.
It should run with almost no memory requirement.
Don't make me download higher than 1 MB. (I mean download must be less than 1 MB)
It should be easy to use.
It must be free.
and you search the whole internet, you won't find this:
Memento. Your tool. Just download it, install it, enjoy making to do lists, (like the pen and pad to do lists) and simplify your life.

Here's the site:
Memento - Guys with Towels

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Achieving God

The success of experiencing what I did and am trying to share with you through this post will depend on how detached you are from your mind. (In doubt? Read the post The Secret to (Infinite) Happiness)
Earlier I told you about the happiness you get out of the realisation that you are neither your body, nor your mind, and that how your body or mind feels is not how you feel. There we talked about detaching your mind from yourself, and not letting your mind influence you.
But today we are advancing to the next step. Controlling your mind

We often find ourselves indulging in pleasures (what saintly people call worldly pleasures). And most often we find that something in us does not want us to do that. Let it be watching television on the day before your exams, or having a deadline closing in and still finding time for everything else but the project, or knowing that you have to exercise for a healthy life, but still in the bed every morning; the times when you say "I couldn't resist"

What was it that you couldn't resist on those occasions? The desire in your mind.

Until you learn how to control your mind, true happiness can never be achieved.

And this ability, the ability to control your mind is very difficult to acquire, unless you are willing to train it for hours and hours. (In saintly terms, prayer or meditation)

But I just found a short-cut.

Let's start it straight away. (Works well if there is anything you have been postponing)
Find a disgusting task, completing assignments, learning, reading, exercising (these will turn to be fun later, as I will show you).
Try to do it now.
Your mind is telling you not to do it.
Try to do it. Mind fighting. You try. Mind. You. Mind. >><< egh... dishyum... dishyum... ><
Don't let mind take over you. Control your mind. Teach it that you are the master and it your slave.
Make it do what you want.
Now, the first task is the only difficult task. If you can do this by brute force over your mind, you are successful. Everything else is easier.

The moment you finish the first task something in you starts working. You feel a lot satisfied, confident,...
These are the symptoms that mind has accepted you as its master.

If nothing happened it is because you did the task through compromise with your mind. You told your mind to remain silent for a few minutes, while you finish the task. Mind will step aside, and, after you finish the task, take over again. That is not the way. Tell the mind first hand that you decide what to do, and that mind can only accept what you decide. Then do the task. And even after the task, you will remain the master.

Now, the satisfaction, the pleasure you just had, remember it. Just remember how happy you feel when you are in control of yourself (and not your mind). Don't forget that ever.

(If you can, read the rest of this post only later. Though nothing is going to happen even if you read it now, it helps you better to take the control of your mind, if you read it later.)

If you are like me, your mind will regain its authority within 2 hours of completing the first task.
It will hold a diplomatic conversation with you. Mind: "Hey! I accept defeat, you are my master. Will you please let me enjoy for an hour?" It will humbly request you. And you will let it. But the moment you do that mind will be back in power. So, what to do now?

Actually you shouldn't have allowed the mind even a moment. The more freedom you give your mind, the more it will take control of you. But still, you got trapped. Now how do you bounce back? Simple. Remember the pleasure you had when you had mind under your control? Yes, that pleasure of satisfaction and the feel of control (far better than even OP :D). Remember it. Savour its sweetness. So you have two pleasures waiting for you, one silly, fragile pleasure and the other everlasting, supreme pleasure.

Remember it and fight your mind. Lo! Your control is back with you. And don't lose it to mind ever again.

Just go in full control of your mind for a day or two.
And when you are pretty sure that you have your mind under your control, let it have some fun, still under your control. Some controlled entertainment. For an hour or so. And every otherwise gruelling thing you do, command the mind to treat that it is fun.

The mind is a great servant but a horrible master

And when letting your mind have fun be cautious. Our mind is so tricky that sometimes it will make us think that we are in control while actually it is in control. This can be called pseudo control. But you can easily identify whether you are having pseudo control or actual control. Just command your mind to do something, if it obeys you are in control, and if it doesn't you'll have to start taming it again.

So, once you have tamed your mind, like a good pet dog, it will obey whatever you say. And may be if our mind does have some secret potentials like the saints say, then some day we will be able to bend spoons.

And when you are in complete control of your mind, then you are in control, you are God, the Almighty.
Enjoy the bliss.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Probably Didn't Know Of

I found out some shortcuts recently which I didn't know of.

  • Ctrl + Tab will switch through the tabs in a tabbed window like that of Firefox
  • Alt + Enter will open up the properties of a file or folder when it is selected (while enter opens it)
  • F2 can rename an item
  • Win Key (start) + Tab will cycle through items on the taskbar, without opening them (then, pressing Enter will open them)
While dragging an item for copying or moving
  • Ctrl while dragging a file will cause it to be copied
  • Shift while dragging a file will cause it to be moved
  • Alt while dragging a file will cause a shortcut to be placed in the destination folder
While exploring in windows explorer
  • Left and Right Arrows will collapse and expand folders (so will + and - in the number pad)
  • * (in the number pad) will expand all folders below the current selection
  • F6 will switch panes
While viewing folders (like in My Computer
  • Backspace will let you go to the upper level folder
  • Alt + Right or Left Arrow will go forward or backward
While editing text
  • Ctrl + Backspace will erase a whole word.
  • Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow will go one word left or right
  • Ctrl + Home or End will go to the first or last position
  • Shift + Any movement selects text. (Shift + Ctrl + Home will select from first to the point where you are, Shift + Home will select the line up to where you are, like wise)
Some of these have been filtered from

Get time to enjoy life

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Friday, November 6, 2009

When You Look Back At The End...

Life whizzes past you so quickly that you forget to do or get what you really want to.
You go school for years and finally there will be a day of farewell and you suddenly feel you missed to do something. You spend your youth, your winged days and finally when you start slowing down you find that you could have did even more when you were younger. And when you finish bringing up your family, you think you could have did it better. You retire, and you find that you did nothing more than anyone would have done. Finally you are ready to breath your last, and while you look back at your life, you feel like you have messed it up. Wasted a whole life.

Why is it such that it strikes us only at the end, when we have got little time left, that we are doing things the wrong way? Is there no way to get an advance notice?

Fortunately, there is. And it's really simple.

Just think of the flashback that's going to happen at the end. What scenes would you want to see. Make them happen now, right now.

There's nothing you can't do that you would wish you had done. Our only fault is that we procrastinate. We take life as it comes and do nothing to make it as we think it should be. We lack the courage to take the initiative to make things happen.

We think that there is always a tomorrow.
But we forget that there isn't always.

We think that nothing will happen if we don't do it now.
But we forget that later we may wish we had done it.

We think that we will end up losing.
But what have we got to lose?

We think that life takes us to where we will reach.
But we forget that we decide where life should take us.

And that's why I'm saying:  

Live the best life you can, so that in the future no one can point at your life and say "Hey! You missed the point"

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is An Amoeba Conscious Of Its Existence?

Just think of living things and non-living things.
We know that we are conscious of ourselves. But what is this consciousness? Where does it come from?

Think in terms of atoms. There are atoms and molecules in our body. They are certainly not conscious.
We have many carbon, oxygen, etc. combined to form proteins, carbohydrates, etc. They too aren't aware.

Now we have these things interacting to form cytoplasm and cells.
Is it in these little corners of our body where we begin to realize our existence?
Why does the DNA replicate? Why does it control the cell? Why are mitochondria synthesising energy? Why does the cell grow, divide? Why?

So, the question:
Is an amoeba conscious of itself??? 

We are not amoebae. So we do not know it directly.

But let us think of our own selves.
We are made up of cells. But we are not aware of our cells. (Otherwise there would have been many many people talking in your head right now)
So let us assume that cells aren't conscious of themselves.

Now, the next question:
Then who is conscious?
Take a single cell and you don't get consciousness. But bring them all together you get people discovering relativity theory and nuclear fission.
Where is this consciousness originating from?
Is it from the cells itself? Are the cells actually self aware?
If yes, then what is this awareness?
We know that a cell is made of nothing but proteins and similar stuffs. What is it that makes an artificial protein different from a natural one. Why can we make an artificial heart, artificial eye, but not an artificial life?

Now, if it is not the cells that are conscious, but the agglomeration; How does the neurons form mind? Or how do we think? What happens between the two moments when we are fast asleep and when we've just awaken? What is thinking through my mind right now? What is reading this post in your mind right now? Who are you?

Why is artificial intelligence impossible? Why can we make powerful cranes and trains but not a clever robot?

What is the difference between life and death? What is the electricity that runs through our bodies and make us move, talk, think? What is consciousness? What is life?

Are we just runners in a relay passing the baton of life from our predecessors to successors? Are we even authorised to know why this fire called life burns?

(Though I don't believe a God exists) Oh God! Please let me know !!! Please!!! (saints say that you should do this very thing to attain realisation, so what I'm doing right now is practically online meditation, or online praying or praying through blogging. Well God must be having an internet connection too, hope that he's using a search engine far more powerful than google, and finds me)

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