Friday, November 6, 2009

When You Look Back At The End...

Life whizzes past you so quickly that you forget to do or get what you really want to.
You go school for years and finally there will be a day of farewell and you suddenly feel you missed to do something. You spend your youth, your winged days and finally when you start slowing down you find that you could have did even more when you were younger. And when you finish bringing up your family, you think you could have did it better. You retire, and you find that you did nothing more than anyone would have done. Finally you are ready to breath your last, and while you look back at your life, you feel like you have messed it up. Wasted a whole life.

Why is it such that it strikes us only at the end, when we have got little time left, that we are doing things the wrong way? Is there no way to get an advance notice?

Fortunately, there is. And it's really simple.

Just think of the flashback that's going to happen at the end. What scenes would you want to see. Make them happen now, right now.

There's nothing you can't do that you would wish you had done. Our only fault is that we procrastinate. We take life as it comes and do nothing to make it as we think it should be. We lack the courage to take the initiative to make things happen.

We think that there is always a tomorrow.
But we forget that there isn't always.

We think that nothing will happen if we don't do it now.
But we forget that later we may wish we had done it.

We think that we will end up losing.
But what have we got to lose?

We think that life takes us to where we will reach.
But we forget that we decide where life should take us.

And that's why I'm saying:  

Live the best life you can, so that in the future no one can point at your life and say "Hey! You missed the point"

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