Sunday, January 3, 2010

Couldn't mind be naturally 'supernatural'?

I just got a hypothesis to prove that supernatural may be natural. Well I actually got that idea when I was trying to make my first post at Brights India (a group of Brights in India, Brights are the people who like the naturalistic way of the world), but there's no way I can adapt that in another way to put in here. So I'm just copy pasting the whole thing. Keep in mind that I wrote this not to you, still I want to say this to you too.

Let me first excuse myself, this is my first post here, I might be sounding odd.

But couldn't mind have powers that some of us are just being unable to use?

Let me clarify myself.
Our brain can convert sensory inputs from eye, ear, nose, skin, tongue (that's where modern science is now) that is visible spectum, audible frequency, smell, temperature roughness, taste

Now think of sharks which can sense electromagnetic field.

To continue what I'm going to say I need to make an assumption -
"that there could be, like the electromagnetic waves, another kind of waves or radiation or energy, which the modern science is yet to experimentally confront."
(and with that i must add "did anyone know about electricity before faraday (or is it oersted?) discovered it?")

and there's one thing to note that if there's such a thing it's properties could be vastly different from any other things we have observed. It may not be like light. it may not be like particles or waves. and of course i can not tell what it will be like.

[the whole point of this post is that assumption. if that is wrong i'm dead]

If you agree with that let us call those rays asd rays (that's the abbreviation of my full name - so that if in case someone finds it i can tell that i had predicted it and name it under my name, got the point? :D)

now i hope i am right when i say that "evolution does not depend on whether we understand it or not"
(that is to say like we have the electron behaving like a wave when we observe it and like a particle when we do not in Young's double slit experiment)
So I believe that
"even if we don't know that asd rays exist, our DNAs know it" (my goodness, that is an interesting point, could our body be knowing what our mind doesn't? could we be knowing more than what we know?)

And so let us assume our body has evolved mechanism to receive asd rays (like we do with light rays)

And if we can receive asd rays we may be able to send asd rays too.. may be (like we can create sound, and hear sound)

And may be there is some organ in our yet-to-be-studied-fully brain which CAN actually send and receive asd rays.

now, may be the composition of asd rays is such that it doesn't require a medium to pass through.
and may be it could interact with things (sound can make things vibrate, light can strike electrons off)

OK. that is all the assumptions we have to make.

Now my intentions are clear.

Couldn't there be such a mechanism in our brain or mind or body? (which can make things like telepathy, spoon bending, apple from thin air, etc. possible)

Reply from akshay s dinesh to asd of india

But if there's such an organ, our body would let our mind know it. For, do we have to learn that we can use the eye to see, ear to hear, etc. Should there be such an organ we must be knowing about it.

reply from asd to akshay

but do we come to realize that we have a liver, or a spleen by ourselves? (I never knew there existed an organ called spleen until I watched a mother killing her step daughter hitting on the spleen with a hammer in reality tv)
i mean may be this is an involuntary organ.
(like our heart rate gets automatically lowered when we're calm and vice versa)


Well I know all these are assumptions. But this is my hypothesis to make many things that we term supernatural as natural.. So that there wouldn't be any fight at all (i don't like fights)
and therefore i wish to invite you to contribute to this idea too. That is to say instead of asking me questions. Help me make this idea a perfect hypothesis waiting to be proved.

Well, that's it. I know this is crazy. Still.
This is the link to the actual thread.

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