Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Idiot's Guide to a Blissful Life

If you could just follow a handful of principles and make your life the happiest, how would you feel? Well, here is a chance.

Things to note about this handbook: You may find self-contradicting statements. They are meant to be there, because this guide will get tougher and tougher as you go down the list, and tough steps may contradict easier steps. In case of a conflict, the rules that come down the line will prevail.

The Idiot's Guide to a Blissful Life

A: Do not be prejudiced.
Do not judge anyone by their appearance, talk, gestures, or even by what others say about them.
Do not judge anything by advertisements, brand, etc.
Do not form an opinion about anyone / anything without first coming to know a lot about them.

B: Love everyone, unconditionally.
Love anyone and everyone you see unconditionally.
May them be sore, may them be cheaters, may them be fools, may them be bad, but just love them. That is to say when they talk with you, hear them like you would hear one of your friends.
When they ask for your help, help them like you would help one of your friends.

C: Talk only the truth:
Whatever people ask you answer them honestly.
Never tell a lie when people expect you to be truthful.

D: Give yourself to others:
Whatever they ask you give them without question, without attachments, without worry.
Whatever help they seek from you lend your best hand.
Whatever work you do, do it sincerely.
Give your 100%

E: Do only good:
Do not ever act against your consciousness.
Do not do anything if it is not going to be for the common good.

The more of these you can practice in your life, the happier you will turn.

Try and enjoy the bliss.

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Those suggestions are really worth following. Thanks for sharing them here, especially for idiots like me:)

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