Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Meaning of Patriotism in the Global Scenario

You stand up for the National Anthem of your nation, and then your hairs stand up. This is patriotism.
But what does being patriotic mean after globalization?
You are politically correct. Because after your independence (which almost every country has) the people who struggled for your national entity decided upon an agreement that you would vote regularly and decide a leader to rule the nation and so on...
So, during elections, you are legally confirming to be a member of an organization that spans across your country.

Just like imperialism died with revolutions, nationalism must die with globalization.

You are no longer talking only with people whom you can see. You are no longer reading words that were written by your country-mates. You are no longer restricted to your nation.
So why should your love be?

Science is global.
So is economics.
Let alone climate change.
Energy crisis?
Market. Trade. Business.
Sports, literature, art.

If nations were formed to eliminate a common threat and preserve a shared culture, then why should nations stand alone? Because almost every threat that we face today is global. And almost everything that we do today is global.

Our curling up into fragments of earth only shows how small we are.
Nationalism is just the same as racism. And wars are nothing but fascism.

This neither justifies brain drain nor suggests you to hate your nation. Your parents who cared for you all through your childhood deserves your care when you can stand alone. And if you do not love your nation you are doing the same as throwing your parents into hopelessness.
You must retain the love for your nation. You must stand up for your own national flag, but also for others'.

If our true love is for the mankind, then it is time that we stop hating people on the basis of nationality.

We must be patriotic, but our nation must be Planet Earth.

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