Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Mess Up Life and Still Be Happy in the End

Sometimes messing up life can be more delighting than going through the routine systematically.
When you do something systematically:

  • You do it
  • You go home
You talk with people, but you are not emotionally associating with people.

When you mess up:
  • You try to do something
  • You mess up
  • You try your best to make amends for the mess you made
  • In that process you talk with a lot of people (or may be just one) most often through your heart
Finally you end up emotionally a lot more closer with those people than you would have in the first case.

Emotional intimacy converts into friendship or at least a deep sense of attachment.
That is increased number of people ready to provide warmth to you.
And in the end how happy you are depends a lot on how warm they keep you.

So, if you do something as you should have; OK, go home, sleep well, be happy!

But if you mess up?
Make amends.
Try all out to make amends.
Do not leave anyone unhappy.
Do not allow anyone to sleep that night with a grudge on you.

Then go home. Sleep well.
Next morning you will wake up a lot more happier.

When you have no problem in life you will be happy; but when you have problems and you solve them, you end up happier.

Mess up life.

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