Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Emotion is the Mother of Creation

Necessity is the mother of invention.
Emotion is the mother of creation.
And experience, it's father.
Because experiences make people emotional. You fall in love, you make a tough decision, you break up, you get a gift, you fall sick (no you'd be sick, then), you watch a touching movie, you catch up with an old-friend. All of the experiences in your life come with emotions attached to it. (If not, they wouldn't be called experiences)

And when those emotions are intense, your brain gets a lot of blood. (In other words, you're in the mood)
And your brain is special in that when it gets a lot of blood (the blood, which carries oxygen, the oxygen which helps the neurons think - now you don't want me to begin talking about sodium-potassium pumps, do you?), it begins working efficiently. And very efficiently.

So that words come from tranquility. They just mix up together. And you will wonder whether it was indeed you who did that.

That's how creativity is borne.


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