Saturday, July 17, 2010

Use Distractions to Distract Distractions

I hate it when my brother switches on the television when I am reading.
Reading textbooks is so boring and when there's that funny little scene of the all-time-best-movie on the idiot box there is no question where your mind is.
It's so easy to get distracted when you're doing something boring (even if it's very important)

So what do I do to prevent getting distracted?
More distractions.
I switch on the computer. Play music. Run Pidgin chat client. And then open the book I'm reading as e-book (sorry I didn't tell you I have my textbooks in pdf too. But it doesn't matter, most books are easier to obtain as e-books than paperbacks)
And how does that help?
Now, the way I'm reading is much more interesting than the way I was reading.
I don't even think about the movie on the tv.
And I'm reading with much more blood running to my brain than earlier.
That will keep me alert for even longer too.
(And of course there is the added advantage of being able to access the world wide web any time, to clear any doubt)

Might be necessary disclaimer: This worked for me. But this won't work for most others. Because umph... I display an uncommonly strong control over my mind. :D It is easy to get to porn sites while online. And your mind will urge you to update your facebook status. It takes men of metal mind to succeed in this.
If you want to learn how to control your mind to the point you can safely try this, try this.

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