Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Strength of Truth

Answer all questions honestly in the next 24 hours.
And see if that brings any change in your life.

Gandhiji was not superhuman. Then how did he lead India to independence?
Because he used a weapon which was unbeatable.

And we all have that weapon.

Only that we have not tried to use it.

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  1. He did not lead India to independence.

  2. even if he didn't lead India to independence, he lead Indians to independence...

  3. The greatness of Gandhi is unimaginable! Just for once let us assume there were no Gandhi and then imagine someone telling a story of a person who believed in truth and non-violence and fought the mighty British without touching any weapon AND WON! I guess it would be treated like a Harry Potter fantasy. But, its a true story!
    There has never been and possibly never be a leader as great as Gandhi in this part of the universe.


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