Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Call For Donation

Read The Hindu : States / Tamil Nadu : Woman gifts daughter sight on Women's Day

It's so very easy to make use of your body after your death. And it may be via donation that you did the greatest deed of kindness in your whole 'life'.

You can call 1919 (toll free, India) to reach the nearest eye bank, and ask them to pick the cornea of your nearest relative (or if you're the dead, make arrangements that your dearest will call the eye bank). Or if 1919 doesn't work checkout this list of eye banks in India. (I was surprised that there was an eye bank even at Dhanalakshmi hospital, Kannur)

Here's an FAQ about Eye Donation

If you want to step it up, and make a pledge, here's an Eye Pledge Form (there's also an eye bank locator under it) where you can pledge your eyes and be a sight ambassador (like I just did)

There's another way you can make use of your carcass. Body Donation. This may be a bit more tough to set up. Because you have to prepare an affidavit before your death and submit it to the nearest medical college. (But burning or burying your body also takes a lot of effort). And do tell this to your grandparents (:P There's no point in running away from the obvious)

PS: A related thought. If they make assisted suicide legal, will they also allow live people who want to die let science make maximum use of their live body by allowing fatal experiments (like observing the regeneration of liver, removing parts of brain, etc) take place? I would die to do that.

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