Friday, April 1, 2011

"April Fool", says India Government to all its Netizens

In an attempt to not get fooled by any 'breaking news' from my friends (like India forfeiting the world cup, or Swiss banks revealing their accounts), I switched on the tv early today morning and I was crestfallen by what CNN and NDTV were showing in big letters. On a day where people fool each other with pranks, the Government of India has decided to fool all its internet users.

Starting from today, the internet in India will be censored. As in China we will no longer be able to use the internet as we wish, or exercise the freedom of speech and expression over the internet. The Government will be monitoring all internet activities including social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut. This censorship move is a measure by the Government to restrict the activity of Wikileaks, the whistle blower site exposing scams. I knew those nasty people at the Parliament would decide on something like this. They can't even tell Wikipedia from Wikileaks and what this means is that editing an article about the ruling leaders could even land the innocent 'free' editor in jail.

The Government said in its ruling that blogs and self published websites would be censored heavily, and legal action will be taken against any content which may be provocative in any manner whatsoever. This could mean hell for bloggers as they can no longer bash any party or people in their blogs.

But this could be good news for email lovers like me. Because from today fat claims with no citations will be considered as conspiracy or intended public defamation. Nobody can forward those stupid urban legends anymore. No more downloading 10 MB videos showing how bad Pakistanis are. No more wasting time calculating how much MPs earn in India.

There you go netizen, the government tells you, "April Fool"

PS: Please notify me if you spot any sensitive content on this blog. I certainly don't want to go to prison leaving you people alone.

Update: This was an April Fool's post. The internet is useless already.

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