Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Past, the Future, and the Mingled Mangled Present

The school-life has ended but the college hasn't begun. And you have a funny long drawn out vacation.
Saw all the movies in the theater. Had enough fun with friends. And you have 3 more weeks to spend. What do you do?

Here are some things you can do (mostly online)

  1. Mathematics
    Read these 4 books recommended by someone who loves mathematics very much.
    Knots and Surfaces
    Intuitive Topology
    Fixed Points
    Groups and Symmetry
    These books are so well written that despite the enormity of the field they represent, they can be read after high school geometry.
  2. Python
    pythonchallenge is an absolute killer when it comes to learning python online. No, it isn't a tutor for python, or any language for that matter. It's a collection of brain teasing programming problems that are best solved with python. And by the time you reach the 4th level, you'll have already made a small application that interacts with the www.
  3. Web designing
    There're multiple things to it.
    Html : Very basic, absolute necessity.
    CSS : This is what makes it 'designing'
    javascript (is not java) : that's how you animate css.
    jquery : actually a javascript library. But something to stand on its own.
  4. Web hosting
    This goes naturally with the other one. Learn how to setup apache on your own computer. Redirect localhost to your self-hosted wordpress blog
  5. Blogging
    If you haven't already begun. Start now. I made 9 dollars last month.
  6. Blood donation
    It'll take your body one day to get your blood level back to normal. So, do this when you have 2 days to spare.
  7. Take up running seriously
    No, I am not serious. Nobody wakes up at 6 during holidays.
  8. Read fiction
    Time to catch up in that department, if you had been postponing.
    Kite Runner is supposed to make a good read. So is To Kill a Mocking Bird.
  9. Change the world.
    This is the easiest of all.
1000. Have fun.
          Come on, you can't be so nerdy. Jerk off. Do things you can't do later. Have a lot of fun.

And that's not all.
There's a stronger reason why I write this. post.
It is to keep me engaged.
To keep me engaged so that I don't think about my closest friends leaving to different places so as to continue their life. No, it's not that I'm sad about it. Just that it makes life a bit uneasy. Yes, I love being alone. But not for long.
I dedicate this post to Nousha who's been pestering me with the request to do so :D. She leaves tomorrow for entrance coaching (to the same place another piece of my heart went 2 years ago) so as to get a better engineering rank. And the dictator there has banned mobile phones. That leaves me like the Argentinian team with Messi in the side bench.
I usually try my best to hide my emotions. Like Roger Federer does. But it's with friends like her that I forget self imposed restrictions and remain the raw, unkempt me.

And to that friendship, I consecrate my childhood.

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