Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Peace in being Immensely Busy

To waste not a second, being busy like a bee, was always my dream. But in medical college it's the rule and not exception that you be busy, always.

And I'm finding a strange feel of order and happiness in it.

You wake up, do the record work for the day, preview the day's class, brush, rush through breakfast, ride to college, attend lectures till noon, rush back to hostel, have lunch, rest for 10 minutes, return to college for practical, go straight to library from there, come back half an hour before dinner, take a bath, wash, have dinner and chit chat, start reading till midnight, and sleep. Repeat this for every weekday with occasional inclusion of exercise. And on a holiday you pay back your sleep debt, go shopping, do NGO activity, call old friends, family, go around the town, and sleep tired.

It's not hectic, but there's a continuity, a flow of activities from one to the other, with no time sucking in between. And this flow is addictive, albeit tough to achieve.

And not to forget the mental stretch the textbooks give. It's one great balancing act that brings out your mettle. Medical college.

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