Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Only Way to Win The Mind

There is something special about a medical college hostel. You wake up in the middle of the night and walk through the corridor to the loo, whatever be the time, you'll see one or the other guy awake, under the lamp with his textbook.

Hard work might be the secret to success. But in medical college it is the only way to survive.

Getting the first shot of it, I started preparing for the first year exam over a week ago.
And it has led me to the following understandings.

If you try to negotiate with mind, you'll end up with a bad deal. The only way to win your mind, is to shut your mind up and do what you need to do.

The way the mind tricks you can be very easily observed with self awareness.
"I'll check out the social network notifications just for a minute, and be back"
"I'll listen to just this song, and be back"
"I'll send just this sms and be back studying"

All those are the deals mind throws at you. And if you accept just one?
"Somebody has tagged me in a post, omg, he's uploaded the party pics, lemme comment on each one of them"
"That song was so good, feel like listening to another of the same artist. How about some chips too. Ah! Relaxed drowsiness"
"Wow! I got the reply so soon? And lemme ask her about what she's doing next weekend"

The story is always the same. The presenting deal was fair. But, once you sign in, the terms and conditions are changed unilaterally.

But fortunately, there's a way to prevent losing to mind.
And that is, to not accept any deal. Strict no!
"You have a deal, go to hell with your deal"
"I'm not using my phone, I'm not using my internet, I'm not listening at all!!"

And then, mind will shut up.

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Harikrishna Varrier said...

hmmm... everyone experience the same.. and as you told... best way is to shut your mind... but I failed beautifully while trying to shut the mind :)

Akshay S Dinesh said...

ha ha, true, that!
Observe how cleverly I've not mentioned how to shut the mind up :D

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