Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When Doing Good is Bad For You

This is a choice that the social revolutionary in a not so bad democracy has to face. He is confronted with injustice or inequality that doesn't harm him directly, and won't harm him at all if he ignores it. But if he decides to try and eliminate that evil, his future will be in risk.

So, the revolutionist faces a dilemma. Options are:
a) Risk oneself and improve the situation
b) Ignore the situation and play safe

The potential pitfall a revolutionist might fall in is thinking that they must always act against injustice. The right approach would be doing a risk-benefit analysis.
The revolutionist will have a better chance of choosing the correct answer if he asks himself "How important is it to the world that this situation improves? How important is it to the world that I spare myself for better things?"

With those two questions, he easily reaches an answer.

To be precise, if there is sacrifice involved, spare yours for the biggest cause that you can win.

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