Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Assorted List of Things 20-Something Should Know

This post on Making254movies: 26 Things Every 20-something Should Wish to Know

It needs a little restructuring so that we can actually remember it and apply to our lives. First, go read the post. Then, revise it below.

To begin with:
2. Invest in yourself.
23. Habits now, will stick till the end.
25. Don't worry about things that aren't good about you, spend time on the good ones.

7. Get educated formally.
22. College won't take you everywhere. Educate yourself.
10. Keep a personal library.
26. Learn the art of rhetoric.

9. Take care of your body before it's too late.

12. Have a budget.
24. Save money.

1. Don't feel urged to go behind a girl.
4. Don't cohabit outside marriage.

General social life:
6. People let you down. Expect it and learn from it.
20. Be charming, help others.
8. Put people together. 
19. Stop trying to save everybody.
13. Don't compare yourself with others, say on social media.

General life:
5. Don't necessarily go with hype.
11. College -> Confusion -> Real life. That's the order it comes in.

3. Take jobs that need travel.
15. Take values out of crappy jobs. 
17. Be passionate, be willing to fail.
16. Accept failures, move on.
14. Keep changing your plans, as needed.
21. But don't listen to unimportant people.
18. Explore.

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