Friday, June 5, 2015

[jog-journal] The mind game

If you sleep late, you wake up late.
If you sleep early, you still wake up late.
That's why they have invented alarms.

About one week since I last woke up early enough to go jogging. The body clock is so unreliable. Woke up to my phone's clock. Two snoozes only.

Today, my plan was to run the whole round. So I started slow. And quite unexpectedly I had to give up half way round. Therefore, the sprint-interval training I've been trying hasn't worked. Well, it wouldn't have worked, either. The intervals between sprints were too long. And the intervals between sprint-intervals were too long too :P

The idea of long distance running is not to let the heart rate or respiratory rate go above a threshold. Once you're past that you're in the sprint mode and you can't go far. But what I had was pure fatigue. The chest couldn't hold it. In fact, when I thought of finishing with a sprint in the home stretch, I had acute intercoastal myalgia, one of the differentials of heart attack had it come on the left side. But this one was, as always, on the right.

On the way to the lake there was an Indian Pariaah which showed cubitus varus. On the way back there was a lost pug looking for its owner.

Two people asked me the route to Maharaja's. There was police blocking the entry to DC's office. Something is happening in Maharaja's.

And I met two professors, one colleague today. It's fun how jogging parks are central to Mysore. Maybe if there was a park in Mattanur, more people would have been jogging.

I had less thoughts today. That's good. The ultimate aim of running is to have no thoughts.

I do not like people who run with earphones, because those keep falling out of my ears. But then I saw this man at the University gate, he had a cooling glass and a huge headphone around his head and it was probably giving him a 3D surround. I hope running with music is a great way to keep running, although I have never experienced it. Have you? Feel free to comment.

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