Thursday, November 5, 2015

[jog-journal] Running With A Smile

I went jogging in the evening today. My main goal today was to run slow with a smile on the face. To look at others and show my smile.

I remember reading a long article earlier today about what goes inside the mind of a runner.

I know what goes through. "Is my heart beating too fast? Am I going to fall unconscious and die? Should I stop now or run a bit more?"

Funny thing is, every day,
Just as I begin running from one corner of Kukralli,
I see people going in the other direction,
People whom I'd have never seen in my life before.

I run halfway round and reach the other side,
And then I see many of the same people.
Whom I'd never seen in my life before,
Except 10 minutes ago.

And this time, they'd not be the way they were last time.
Some would be sprinting full of sweat.
Some would be slowing down, panting.

And then I look at myself.
I'd have changed too.

But one thing remains.
We'd all be still on the track.

It so happened that I remembered one of the lessons from Chi-running I was practicing from school. I'd to look on the ground directly in front of me while running. It works and I ran longer than I usually would today.

But when I tried smiling at the end of it, my cheek muscles were burning!

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