Monday, November 12, 2018

11 Years of Blogging

I am on Blogger since November 2007. It is 11 years this month.

When I began, it was just me exploring the Internet. Everyone was making blogs back then. And I had to make one too.

I made one. Then I made another, and then another. I have created some 36+ blog on blogger. I made one for my village, for my city, for my school, for my other school, two for my college, one for my university, one for pre-med preparation, one for physiology, one for biochemistry, one for anatomy, one for boss linux, one for scouting, one for APJ Abdul Kalam, one each for all subjects that fascinated me. The vast majority of them are bare barring one or two posts.

Facebook, Twitter, and others took the crowd away and in turn the publishers. I have written countless posts on Facebook only to lose them all when deleting my account.

But it wasn't about the medium. It was about the act. Expression of an opinion. Free speech. Archiving thoughts and information for posterity. In fact, the latter is the philosophy behind my website

Thank you @freephotoscc for sharing these awesome photos on for free! 🎁
Blogging helped me develop a perspective on things. It made me think more concretely and in depth about whatever I wrote about. And I wrote about a lot of things.

It also gave me a rare confidence of accomplishment. I was creating things rather than consuming. And on the internet, the creators are one rung above the consumers. It is this confidence that propels me on a path of building things.

I am excited about this milestone. And the result is going to be more things from me for you to read.

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