Thursday, September 18, 2008

The working method for time management

Everyone craves for time. But, time does not give away itself to everyone. It chooses only those well-planning, efficient schedulers only to give its blessing. What differentiate time less men from men having surplus time?

It is the method of time management that does the trick. Most people know what things they need to do for their life and what things are to be avoided. They also know for sure that they should devote more time to urgent and necessary things.

But what some of them doesn't know is how to do these AT THE RIGHT TIME.

To get time to do everything - allocate time for everything and spend only the allocated time on each matter.

On deciding how much time to spend on a thing use the criteria of priority.

For example - I am a student and I have to learn. But I love blogging too. If I start blogging without setting a time frame I will go on doing it and my learning would be in trouble. So I set limits. I allotted 15 minutes for this post.
And in practice, I started typing at 9:00 PM today and at 9:15 I will stop (1 minute more)

You needn't make a time table for a whole day. But you should be careful to get time for all important things. Decide how long you will be doing the next task.
Do it.
Finish it in time.
Stop it.

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