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About Me

Note: This page is one of the oldest in this blog. I started this blog when I was in 8th standard. And I grew up with it. So, when you go down this page, you'll see older "about me"s. 

I am a medical student. I spend a huge share of my time learning new things in medicine/technology/culture/literature. You could actually read my wikipedia user page here to get a biographic overview about me.
I am interested in a lot of stuff, and more importantly I have an opinion about most stuff. I believe in equality, liberty, and humanism.

Update 7/12/2013 I used to edit this page in the wrong direction till this update. So the update immediately before this will be at the end of the post.
Older forms:

Well, that's me in picture. In words:

Now, if you haven't read my profile, here it is (in its extended form)
I usually waste a lot of time:
playing chess with my father and almost always losing after being in a position of sure win
Or reading all those PDF e-books I've downloaded
Or watching the magic of Roger Federer on court
Or trying to learn Einstein's Theory of Relativity (General and Special - both still confusing me)
Or drawing triangles and finding new formulas for finding their area
Or watching Nat Geo
Or listening what Obama has to tell
Or reading the same chapters of My Experiments with Truth that I've read at least 5 times
Or fighting with my father about whether God exists in a concrete or an abstract or at least an incomprehensible form, outside the minds of people, and failing to counter his point that it should be experienced and can't be explained
Or dreaming of becoming an IAS officer and changing the world (or at least the district I'm posted to), and then being the CM of Kerala and changing the state, then being the PM and changing the nation and then being the Prez and relaxing on the consequences of my actions.
A small aim is a crime, right?

Update on July 20, 2009:
Well, interests do change, sometimes due to external pressure, and I've decided to take MBBS (over BSc and MSc) so that I can enter civil service, and resign, in case some minister is too much.

Update on Feb 6, 2010:
I've found an interesting career path.
MBBS, then higher studies in neuroscience, then find how mind works. Then go for IAS or anything. The question is whether I would be interested in IAS by then. Because I've developed a liking for science more than people of late. Let's see if we can find a bridge connecting them.

I started blogging just out of my characteristic enthusiasm and will to learn anything.

I thought I would make easy money through ads and set up all my blogs to show ads.

But later, I understood that my blogs should not have any ads. Now, my blog is a non-profit blog.

Ads are again here, because, I think it may come useful.

Again my blog is ad-free because when google adsense showed no sense in putting non-sense malayalam ads in my blog, i regained my senses, and removed unnecessary ad blocks. [Updated on April 7, 2009]

What is wrong in displaying ads in my blog?? [Updated on April 9, 2009]

Well, though I could add ads, they're just messy and I don't like them in my blog where 'serious' matters are discussed [:D][Updated on July 20, 2009]

I had links to copyrighted, pirated materials in my blog earlier. But, as I learned that those things are completely illegal and hurting I decided to remove them.

Now, my blog is a user friendly one designed to carry my ideas forward.

Name : Akshay S Dinesh
Alias : ASDofIndia
email : asdofindia at the best email service on earth .com
password : **************
Phone: (+91) Nine billion four hundred ninety seven million two hundred thirty five thousand three hundred and eighteen
Passion : Nation
Favourite sport : Tennis (Roger Federer, to be precise)
Films :

Like only which have got timber

Of late, I hate films, except those hollywood classics. [update: Aug 18, 2010]
Favourite activity : surfing, blogging,

facebooking [since joining chinmaya], sending emails, googling, e-learning.

Currently studying :

10th standard at Sree Sankara Vidyapeetam, Mattanur

11th standard.
well, I can't be the same 15-year-old kid for ever. From June 11, 2009 a student of the Science Stream (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths), at Chinmaya Vidyalaya Kannur.
Entered 12th standard. Getting entrance coaching from T.I.M.E. (Triumphant Institute of Management Education)
And by being rank 1675 in AIPMT, I got into Mysore Medical College, in August 2011, a week after Independence Day

Worldly achievements:
Started on July 1, 2012
INOI 2011 qualifier
Got into the interview level of KVPY, (from 11th std, in 2010) but then they failed to realize who I am

Won NTSE from 8th std in 2008
Won Rashtrapati scout award in 2008
Participated in State Camporee of Scouts conducted at Calicut University (2009, i think)

Life interests:
Developing artificial intelligence (using categories)
learning to create firefox addons, google APIs, android apps
learning C++, C#, perl, lisp, python, xhtml, css, java, javascript (all of which i've a rudimentary knowledge of)
customizing linux
teaching computer
teaching: physics, human body, philosophy (value education)
beginning an entrance coaching/tuition institution where the emphasis will be on learning methods
learning quantum mechanics (What's the big deal?)
learning tennis. (playing federer?)
going on a world tour
going on an all India tour (including Himalayas) with a laptop and wireless connectivity. (not with mathi. we go alone)

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