Monday, February 9, 2009

BSNL Broadband India Best Plans

I will agree to the fact that BSNL is the most economic, if not the best, broadband service provider in Kerala, if not in India. Because, apart from providing a range of options like USB, wi-fi, ethernet, it also has packages that allow BSNL landline to go along with broadband. And with my personal experience I am posting the best of those plans.

For home users with BSNL landline phone at their homes, the best available option is the Home 500 C combo plan. Along with 1.5 GB free download and unlimited free download between 0200 hours and 0800 hours, it gives you 175 free calls @ Rs 500 / month (OR you can pay Rs 5000 for a year too .I.e. : Rs 5000/12 = Rs 417/month ). Moreover for government employees there is a 20% reduction for BSNL broadband usage only (and not telephone) which, in this case, is extended to the telephone charges too.

If you are a computer professional working at home and needs unlimited plans, BSNL has got the best for you. They provide Unlimited Broadband for home users at just Rs 750 per month. Remember, it is not combo plan.

For beginners BSNL has startup plans. But be careful while chosing these. BSNL offers a Rs 250 / month Broadband plan that gives you just 1GB free download and no free download during nights (happy hours : 0200 - 0800). So this can suit you only if you are just a beginner and are not going to visit and also if you don't have bsnl landline or you have them at lower rates. If you are in urban areas and have monthly landline charge around Rs 300, then Home 250 will make your bill Rs 550, whereas with Home 500 Combo you get only Rs 500, with almost the same amount of free calls (200 becomes 175) and much more download (1 GB to 1.5 GB + night unlimited).

Also, never ever opt for Home 125 startup plan. It gives you just 150 MB free usage and the sites like Orkut, if you visit everyday are gonna eat up that in a few days. So you will have to pay another 125 for extra usage.

Choose Wisely. Live Well

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