Tuesday, February 10, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka first and only Twenty 20 T20 February 10


Set, a target of 172 by Sri Lanka who scored 171 / 4 in 20 overs.

India lost Sehwag at the very end of the first over.
The very beginning of the second over Gambhir out caught.
Pressure mounts as Raina and Yuvraj makes a brilliant partenrship (67 runs) and takes the score to 81.
Yuvraj falls 81/3
Raina falls 99/4
Even Dhoni fails 108/5
Rohit Sharma slumbers 110/6
Jadeja bowled 115/7

What followed was breathtaking batting by the two Pathan brothers - Irfan Pathan and Yousuf Pathan

Yousuf Pathan started it out by hitting 17 runs in the first 5 balls
of his partenrship with his younger brother.
After that he scored only 5 runs.
But, on the other end, Irfan Pathan hit the remaining boundaries, lit by his brother's chewing gum confidence.
2 runs.
18 required of 2 overs.
Yousuf takes a single, gives strike to Irfan.
No run.
2 runs.
No run.
just 5 runs required from the last over
Yousuf again gives strike to his brother.
And goes. Irfan finishes it in style with a bang six.
And the brothers go jumping and punching into the air. Hug each other. Hug everyone. Gets love from everyone.

Ends the drama.(real-life drama)

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