Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bharath Operating System Solutions (BOSS) – Indian LINUX

The C-DAC (Center for Development of Advanced Computing) developed a Linux operating system for Indians, a few years ago. It is now in its 3rd major version – Tejas.

Unlike Windows, every application in it can use any Indian language as its interface. That is, apart from being able to type in Malayalam or any language, with BOSS, you can actually see Malayalam words instead of File, Edit, etc. And if you are visiting Malayalam websites, on the title bar of the browser, you can see actual Malayalam letters instead of those little rectangles you get with Windows.

BOSS can easily be downloaded from their website.

It also has automatic updates. If you can't use those in Windows due to pirate concern, you CAN with BOSS.

Installation is quite user friendly, though there can be a slight problem for beginners during disk partitioning. But this can be easily done, if you have a windows system with many disk drives already installed. So you can just delete one partition manually, and tell BOSS to automatically partition the free space that is created.

After that everything is quite easy. Even users new to Linux won't feel hostility. The taskbar has the ability to hold many desklets, like the Google desktop gadgets or vista desktop gadgets. Languages can easily be changed. Updates easily done. Even installations of new software have been given a graphical end. A synaptic manager, lets you find which all software is available at various web resources, and lets you install those, with just checking and clicking.

There are nice CD/DVD writing tools. A swap disk that lets you free yourself from being tied to the memory limit of your RAM. Simple Games. Everything that you will ever need.

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