Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Increase the Number of People who Read your Blog

There have been numerous articles based on this theme. But, let me discuss some points which have clicked for me.

  1. Tell your friends: If there are any people on earth who would be ready to read your blog at any day, any time whatever your topic is, those will be your friends. Tell out all your friends, that you've started something.

  2. Comment on others: There are fellow bloggers, who have more readers. Read their articles, comment intelligently. If others feel that your comment was wise, they will want to know about you.

  3. Profile: So you have people visiting your profile. How do you make them read your blog? Make your blogger profile the most attractive thing they will ever find from you. And also try to include direct links to your best posts in your profile itself. (See my profile)

  4. Socialize: Orkut, Facebook, Twitter... Why should they exist if they can't promote your blog?

  5. Internal links: Have links to your own blog in your own blog. So, if a reader reads one of your posts, you should make him read 5 other similar posts too.

  6. Give and take: You follow others, they follow you. (Note:This haven't worked for me yet)

  7. Organize: Whenever a user lands on your blog, make sure that he will get what he wants in a single click if possible.

  8. Bandwidth: Pictures, videos, flash, sounds... All seem fantastic. But think about your poor readers too.

  9. Layout: Have a layout that does not kill the eye.

  10. Quality content, regularly: Lastly, without quality content, you can never keep up. Also, the frequency is important. People prefer one post per day of medium quality posts than posts coming once in a blue moon. Also make sure that you make your reader an addict of your blog. Every day he gets one post, one day he doesn't, he asks you.

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